About Us


Founded in 2010 by Evan Georgopoulos, the Barber’s Den is dedicated to keeping the men of Melrose and Belmont looking neat while making sure they’re comfortable in a relaxing, fun environment.

Whether you’re happy with your current style or want to change it up a bit, we listen and make sure that you’re happy before you get out of the chair and head back into the world.

Find out why so many men come back to the Barber’s Den when you make a stop in today. With plenty of chairs all occupied by highly skilled barbers, we’re sure there’s a spot available for you. Stay Fresh.

  • Meet the Barbers

  • Evan

    Owner / Barber Lifetime Barber. Challenge him with any haircut. Melrose+Belmont
  • Mike

    Melrose Manager Classic only school style barber. The possible crowd favorite. An original of the Melrose Den.
  • Sean

    Barber #WhereYouGetYourFadesAt - Works in both Melrose+Belmont
  • Anthony

    Barber High quality haircut and respectable service. Takes care of Business. Melrose
  • Jonathan

    Barber Den Melrose. Versatile. Skilled. Seasoned.
  • Dayna G

    Barber/Stylist She'll school any barber in a salon, while being one of the best barbers in the shop. Traditional, Texture, Shaves, Women and Style all week long - Den Belmont
  • Andrew

    Barber Barbering all through his family, barber skills come naturally. Both Melrose/Belmont Den
  • Steve F

    Barber Passionate barber and father.. Guaranteed to give you his best work on every cut. Belmont Den (Friday's in Melrose)
  • Peter

    Barber/Stylist European background of haircutting, Brings a lot to the table. HIGHLY skilled. Back home cutting where he was born, Belmont.